Courses Overview

Our courses are designed to give students the best possible chance for success to enter the industry. Each course has its own unique way of doing this, but ultimately each one follows the same tried and tested formula.

Year One - Skills and Technique

In your first year you will begin by developing skills in your chosen disciplines. Every course has a high number of contact hours and small class sizes, meaning you will receive personalised feedback from your tutors in order to improve. You will develop existing skills and learn some new ones you may not have experienced.

Year Two - Challenges and Projects

In your second year, the focus is on applying the skills you have learnt in your first year. You will take this experience apply this to a variety of challenges and projects within your second year. Projects vary from course to course, from Shakespeare and TV projects in Acting, to Street Theatre (Theatre and Performance) and Site-Specific Theatre (Theatre and Performance, Dance and Performance), mini-musical projects and devising your own musical (Musical Theatre) to learning the ins and outs of the recording studio (Vocal Studies). 

Year Three - Professional and Specialism

With the experience you have learnt from the specific challenges we have given you, you will be ready to approach your final year where you will work on many full-scale productions in a professional atmosphere. In this year you will work with many external creatives, giving you the opportunity to network and the mindset of a professional before you leave to embark on your professional career in industry.

Our curriculum was constructed in order to give you the best balance between skills development, vocational and entrepreneurial development, contextual studies, and creative practice in order to provide you with the widest possible scope to engage in the creative arts in both practice and research. Studying with us will give you a solid base to approach the industry fully informed and ready to pursue your passion for performing arts.

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